Facility and Machinery
Stamping and Assembly Facility

Stamping presses range in size from 100 to 1000 tons capacity with appropriate feeding equipment. The diverse range of equipment permits the production of a large variety of products as well as high volume output.

Stamping Division: 150,000 ft²

150 employees over 2 shifts

24 Presses ranging from 100 ton to 1000 ton

7 Robotic MIG welding cells

20 spot welding and projection welding cells

5 Mechanical assembly cells as well as TIG welding, Plasma cutting

Fully equipped TS16949 QA Dept with 900x1500x800mm (WxLxH) CMM capability

Enterprise MRP Software with EDI and Barcode labelling

Tooling Facility

The tooling division has a large die assembly area for building many dies simultaneously and is equipped with the latest machining technologies to facilitate excellent production rates. Woodbine Tool and Die can produce all types and virtually all sizes of tooling to meet unique customer needs. Each tool build is tested extensively in the stamping facility prior to customer implementation.

Tooling Division: 50,000 ft²

85 employees over 2 shifts

Tool Design Department

CNC Programming Dept and multi-sized CNC machining centers

EDM Programming Dept and 5 EDM machining centers

Fully equipped TS16949 QA Dept with 900x1500x800mm (WxLxH) CMM capability